Getting started with duck hunting in South Australia

The 2017 Duck season has opened this week in South Australia (with Tasmania and Victoria opening later in the year). If you’re new to duck or quail hunting, where to start? Here are few of our top picks and tips to help you get started.

First off, you will need a hunting permit (which are issued by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources in SA for Duck and Quail or see below for a list for other states)

Start simple.

Before you go buying up every cam patterned shooting vest and red dot sights, get some hands on time with your firearm to get your natural skill level up and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. That will set you up with a great picture of what you need when you’re ready to purchase a new firearm or custom build one (without getting sidetracked on the things you don’t need to spend money on).

Stay comfortable so you can stay in the field longer

The number one accessory we advise for duck hunting is a recoil paid. There is a bit of pride in carrying a bruised shoulder during the week from heavy recoil.  Our head gunsmith Nik is carrying a nice one from shooting a 585 Nyati custom build rifle this week. So he will be the first to tell you, there’s only so much recoil-punch you want to take before it just gets annoying. We recommend and use Limbsaver brand recoil pads for many shotgun models. Many recoil pads can usually be installed at home and will make your hunting trip much more comfortable so you can stay in the field longer.

Which shotgun is best for duck hunting?

It doesn’t really matter what you shoot with, just try something and you’ll figure out what you like and what works best for you. We generally suggest starting with an entry-level shotgun which means trading in some features and quality for a lower price tag. But starting with an entry-level shotgun is a good way to experiment and determine what features work well for you (and what don’t!) before investing in a premium model.

Some of our top picks in the entry level are:

  • Beretta Silver Pigeon – a great quality brand, bare bones model to bring the price down
  • Akkar Churchill Double Barrel Shotgun -considerable quality double barrel for the price tag
  • Hatsan Escort – its quality isn’t the highest, but it has a full synthetic weather resistant finish making it ideal for all weather conditions
  • Adler A110 Shotgun – Good fun for the price tag with lots of aftermarket support including chokes, extensions, trigger/action upgrades etc.

Don’t forget to look after your shotguns firearms and prepare your firearm duck hunting season, to keep them in safe and top working condition.

What about ammo?

SA has some specific rules about ammunition for duck hunting . You must use steel shot (not lead shot) over waterways. Make sure your chokes are steel shot compatible. If not, you risk blowing up the end of your barrel.

Duck and quail hunters must only use a smooth bore firearm that has a bore not exceeding 1.9cm (12 gauge) with shot no larger than BB (4.1mm in diameter).

Get cosy and confident with your equipment

Practice with your duck call at home- yes it will probably drive the spouse/kids/neighbours/dog crazy but you want to know how to use it before you hit the reserve. The same goes for your shotgun. Practice on targets and clays regularly to build accuracy and confidence with moving targets.  Get familiar with the shot pattern  and spread of your shotgun so you’re more effective with your shots in the field.

Where can I shoot ducks and quail in SA?

There are several game reserves where you may shoot with a permit during duck season including Chowilla, Moorook, Loch Luna, Currency Creek, Lake Robe, Mud Islands, Poocher Swamp, Tolderol,  Bucks Lake and Bool Lagoon. Not all of them are open for the full season, be sure to check the individual reserve times.

There are some areas off the game reserves you can also shoot, once again following regulations set by the State Government.

Remember there are certain species of duck which are allowed, the rest are off limits.

Familiarise yourself with game hunting etiquette too (SSAA give some general guidelines here and some water foul specific tips here)

Go get hunting and share your photos this season with us on Facebook and Instagram!

To find out more about what our gunsmiths can do to get the most out of your shotgun this duck hunting season, email us at



South Australia – Duck and Quail Hunting Season & Permits (Department Environment, Water and Natural Resources).

Victoria – 2017 Duck Season details (Game Management Authority) 

Tasmania – Recreational Game Licences (Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment) 

New South Wales – Hunting native game birds in NSW  (Department of Primary Industries) 

Sports Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) – State and Territory Hunting Reguations

Raising scope elevation to 55MOA for 22LR with custom pic rail

Thanks to custom picatinny rail created in-house by our gunsmiths, this 22LR Lithgow Crossover now has the elevation adjustment to shoot out to 400m on dial-alone.

The rifle was set up for long-range competition use (precision rifle and field) but the factory mounting options didn’t support enough scope elevation. This was reducing the amount of elevation available, costing time and accuracy when finding and hitting the target.

So, our gunsmiths created a picatinny rail in 55MOA to allow maximum elevation adjustment. The rail was made to suit the length and size of receiver, with a cut out for the ejection port and drilled/tapped to suit. It was finished in black Cerakote.

With a trigger job to bring the factory trigger down to 1lb, it is ready for some accurate competition and field work.

Email us to find out what rail options we an create for your firearm at

Adler Speed Loader review by Shooting Stuff Australia

Aaron and Marty at Shooting Stuff Australia have reviewed our speed loading gate and loading tube, designed for the Adler.

Each loading gate is hand–fabricated by our gunsmiths at our Adelaide workshop. Its made of aircraft grade aluminium and finished in black Cerakote making it lightweight and hard wearing.

The gate and tube kit is designed to quickly load rounds into the magazine tube for IPSC competition use.

We offer them at our online store (free standard shipping within Australia).

Pic rail brings new sights to Colt 1911 Rail Gun

Our client was wanting to reduce eye strain and aid clarity of vision by moving to a a sight/scope that allowed two-eye target acquisition while shooting pistol competition with their Colt 1911 Rail Gun. The Vortex Viper 6MOA Red Dot was the answer, but this Colt was just not designed to accommodate it.

Installing an off-the-shelf picatinny rail meant the sights would sit too high (there would be too much offset between the sight and the bore).

This design needed to be low profile, high speed and low drag for competition. So we created a custom picatinny rail with a lower profile and modified to slide to create a tidy recess for the rail to nestle into.

After finishing in Cerakote, the pistol was ready to go. Now there is a happy shooter rocking their Rail Gun with a new Vortex Viper and both eyes on target.

Vortex Viper fitted to a Colt 1911 thanks to custom pic rail fabricated by our gunsmiths
Vortex Viper fitted to a Colt 1911 with an ICEng custom picatinny rail
Custom pic rail and modifications to fit Vortex Viper to Colt 1911

Aftermarket shotgun barrel clamps, followers and nuts in blue and red

With the rising notoriety of the Adler, Pardus and other 12ga shotguns in Australia, there seems to be more and more variations among the models of shotgun available. Some of these are functional like barrel length but many changes are cosmetic, like if the stock is wood or synthetic material or the colour of the action.

And why not? Everything about you says something about you. Firearms can be very personal and a reflection of identity. In response we have created series of colourful and eye catching shotgun accessories so you can “pimp your 12ga” to suit your style.

For several months our ICEng aftermarket shotgun followers and magazine nuts have been available in red, blue, silver, black and gold. Black is standard and timeless, but the red and blue have been hot selling items.

Aftermarket mag nuts and followers in silver, blue and red on Pardus, Uzkon and Adler.

Its time the popular Ultralite Barrel Clamp and Tactical Barrel Clamp with removable picatinny rail options caught up. This month we are offering a limited run of red and blue Ultralite Barrel Clamps and Tactical Barrel Clamps (with removable picatinny rail).

Ultralite clamp, follower and magazine nut in red to suit the Adler, Pardus, Uzkon and other 12ga shotguns.

The finish is slightly darker than the follower and nut, but creates a stunning impact when teamed up together. The red really rolls with the Adler “Rockstar” model (which features an action finished in red). The blue set produces a perfect picture when paired up with the blue Pardus. Either option creates an eye-catching and custom look to the standard wood stock or synthetic stock shotgun (or if you want to go all out, email us about a Cerakote job).

Both barrel clamp styles are designed for use with an ICEng extension kit (there may not be enough tube length to fit it on the factory 5 shot version). The Ultralite is compatible with Adler, Pardus and most 12ga lever action shotguns.

The Tactical Clamp with removable rail is compatible with most shotguns but is better suited to the +3, +5 or +6 extensions. It does not suit most Pardus models.

The follower and mag nut bundle, plus the clamps are all available at our webstore.




Timney Triggers’s newest creation; the Ruger Precision Rifle two stage trigger

This past week marks an exciting turning point for the Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) market in Australia as Timney Triggers announced its latest creation; a top-end two-stage trigger designed especially for the RPR range. Buy it now

The new Timney RPR trigger is self-contained and ready to drop-into the Ruger Precision Rifle and offers an exceptionally smooth, crisp, and adjustable weight two-stage trigger pull.

From the factory, pull weight is calibrated for half-pound first stage and one-pound second stage. But being adjustable, you you can get it exactly to your liking. First stage can be adjusted from ½ pound to one pound while the second stage ranges ½ pound to two pounds. The trigger is offered in straight and curved trigger shoes models.

There’s a reason we became Australian Timney Trigger suppliers. Actually, there’s a few.

Timney Triggers has become the largest trigger manufacturer in the world over the past 70 years.   Their exceptional workmanship and attention to detail in manufacturing, use of quality materials and precision performance out-of-the-box.  Each trigger is hand tested and calibrated backed up by lifetime warranty.

Here’s what they said about the new RPR:    ” The RPR trigger housing is constructed of military-grade, 6061 T6 alloy that is CNC machined using state-of- the-art robotics and is anodized for superior durability. The trigger is also CNC machined, heat treated and coated. The sear is wire EDM cut, heat treated to 58-60 Rockwell and Teflon-nickel coated for lubricity and dependable, long-lasting service life.”

Timney’s new RPR trigger option

We have had plenty of hands-on-time with Timneys building custom rifles and gunsmithing in our workshop in Adelaide SA. As shooters we love using them out in the field. Our customers have given great feedback too using them in real world applications on Remingtons, Mausers, Howas, Ruger, Weatherbys, CZ and more.

What does our head gunsmith Nik say about the Timneys?  “We love the crisp, clean break. Who can go past the precision and performance of the Timney Trigger Calvin Elite trigger for the Remingtons? What better option for a precision rifle than a top of the line aftermarket precision trigger like this?”

If you want to get your hands on one, you are in luck. Even luckier if you want to be among the first in Australia to buy one. We are proud Australian suppliers for the Timney range and have the first batch of the new Timney Trigger Ruger Precision Rifle trigger en-route to our workshop in Adelaide, SA.  Hop over to our online webstore to raise an order:



Timney Triggers:

Timney Trigger Ruger Precision Rifle trigger:




Ask a Gunsmith at Adelaide Arms Militaria Fair (Adelaide Gun Show)

Talk over your project ideas with some of Adelaide’s leading gunsmiths as the Ignition Custom Engineering team host “Ask a Gunsmith” at South Australia’s premier firearm expo – The Adelaide Arms and Militaria Fair – next Saturday and Sunday.

Ask us about aftermarket upgrades or repairs, or perhaps that nagging oddball question that no one can seem to answer…..If no one else knows or can do it, we most probably can. We specialise in the unusual and unique and are not afraid of a challenge.

We will also be showcasing a small selection of the custom jobs we can do as fully licenced D-class manufacturing gunsmiths.

Twice a year the team at Tarling Events throws open the doors to Adelaide’s biggest gun, firearm and militaria collecting and trading event which attracts several thousand punters from across South Australia. The Fair  (or Adelaide Gun Show as its affectionately called) stretches across 2300 square metres in the undercover function centre at Chasers Expo Centre at Greyhound Park, Angle Vale SA.

Adelaide Arms and Militaria Fair (aka Adelaide Gun Show) features 2300 sqaure metres of firearms and pieces for all styles of shooters and includes Ignition Custom Engineering
Adelaide Arms and Militaria Fair (aka Adelaide Gun Show) features 2300 square metres of firearms and pieces for all styles of shooters and includes Ignition Custom Engineering

It offers a prestigious and premier collection of historic and collectible rifles and guns and armed-forces memorabilia.

For the hunters, there are knives and hunting equipment and accessories. Plus stalls catering for target and competition shooters.

Some of the samples you might see at the Ignition Custom Engineering stall include:

  • Custom built rifles and handguns
  • Aftermarket custom shotguns
  • Muzzlebrakes and flash hiders
  • Bolt fluting and knobs
  • Extractor upgrades
  • Custom Cerakote work
  • Weight reduction/lightened firearms for hunting
  • Accuracy and precision upgrades for target acquisition in competition or hunting
  • Aftermarket fabrication work
  • Lever action upgrades
  • Rebarrels and chamber work
  • Trigger work / upgrades and aftermarket triggers inc Timney Triggers
  • Decommissioned/display pieces
  • Let us know if there’s something specific you want to see

One of the common questions we get is about changing calibre on a rile or changing from one brand of magazine to another. We’ve done plenty of these styles of conversions. If this is something you’ve ever thought of, we can happily talk you through the process at the Arms Fair.

We can decommission firearms too – that means keeping the look of the firearm intact while altering its internal mechanics so it no longer functions. We include a SA Police certificate so it can legally be used for display outside a safe. So if you find something on the day at another stall or there’s something at home you want for display (not use) come speak to us and find out how we can make it happen.

At Ignition Custom Engineering, our team believes in supporting the shooting community at a local level and have proudly been part of this event for several years – along with some of South Australia and Adelaide’s leading firearms industry innovators (names like Impact Dynamics / Southern ShootersSTS Targets, Precision Rifle Products, Projectile Warehouse, & Afterdark Surveillance).

Admission is $10 (children are free) and you can discuss the day’s finds with mates over a meal on site at Chasers Restraunt. Be sure to bring cash for purchases as EFT facilities are not always available.

Adelaide Arms & Militaria Fair

Ask a Gunsmith @ Ignition Custom Engineering stall

Saturday October 15, 2016 – 9am to 5pm

Sunday October 16, 2016 – 9am – 3pm

Greyhound Race Track, Angle Road, ANGLE PARK SA

Mid North SA & Jamestown Show

The October Long weekend is almost upon us again here in South Australia which means the Mid North is gearing up for the 142nd Jamestown Show on Monday, October 3.

We are proudly joining the action this year at Jamestown, sponsoring the Young Farmers Challenge event.

Farmers are a very talented breed, but they tend to keep quiet about how brilliant they are. This challenge is designed to showcase the skills, equipment and techniques used by farmers in series of fun and competitive challenges.

Challenges range from sheep drenching or dirt removal, hay stacking, setting up a portable electric fence, stitching bags stitching of chaff to mending a pair of pants while still wearing them and kicking a footy.

Some of the Ignition Custom Engineering team will also be hosting an exhibitor space at the Jamestown Show, ready to chat about anything firearms and the unique work we do. So come on down (enter a team in the challenge, if you haven’t already) and say hi!




Increasing longevity: Much loved 9mm makeover

This Trojan Spartan 9mm had seen its fair share of action. It came to us with a shot out barrel. The owner was wanting to rejuvenate this handgun to prime condition and keep it in top working order for years to come.

First on the list was a new barrel and bushing. Then we installed new Novak front sights to improve the ease-of-target acquisition.

New Novak front and rear sights compliment the ease of use and looks of the makeover to this Trojan Spartan 9mm
New Novak front and rear sights compliment the ease of use and looks of the makeover to this Trojan Spartan 9mm

As the handgun was often used in competition, we carved in front grip checkering to increase grip stability.

Now the surfaces and working parts were all serviced and ready, we Cerakoted the firearm to protect against the elements and wear and tear. Magpul Flat Dark Earth was the colour of choice, fitting in with the owner’s goal of a functional and tactical look.


This is an example of a relatively simple job which will protect a firearm and keep it running for many, many more years to come, regardless if its near-new or much-loved.

Did you want to know more about Cerakote?

Creating consistency: solving extraction issues and stuck cases

You know that horrible feeling when your extraction fails and cases randomly get stuck? We don’t…not since we started M16 extractor upgrades all those years ago.

Standard extractors aren’t always reliable.  When cases get stuck its frustrating, damaging and can be dangerous – particularly when in the field.

An M16 extractor upgrade eliminates the possibility of stuck cases by creating a better functioning relationship between the case and extractor claw. It will improve consistency and reliability of your bolt face. That means better performance and consistency so you are free to focus on the target.

Plus less damage to your brass, which is a key factor for reloading shooters.

We use Badger brand extractors (or can order others in by request) but the install process requires a gunsmith…wait, we are gunsmiths…isn’t that convenient?

You can post your bolt direct to us (no need for a firearms dealer transfer). . Why not bundle it with a bolt fluting or bolt knob upgrade at the same time?

The process can take up to 3 weeks excluding post time. If you don’t want to pay return postage costs, simply throw in a spare self-addressed pre-paid parcel bag in with your bolt and don’t forget to keep the tracking number.

Purchase the extractor & install now

Left hand Timney Triggers

We are loving the Timney Triggers. They are high quality and crisp with an awesome break. Great value for money when looking for after market solutions to improve firearm performance. Being left handed doesn’t mean being left out….we have #511 left hand triggers ready to ship today to suit the Rem 700 left hand.

If you’re after a Timney in a different configuration, send us an email at and we can get you a price.

Buy it now – #511 to suit Rem700 Left Hand

Aftermarket Magazine Nuts – Adler, Pardus, Uzkon


This light weight aluminium nut is crafted as a 12 sided hex shape for easy manipulation compared with the straight-fluted factory version.  Designed and manufactured here at ICEng to suit the Pardus, Uzkon and Adler.

Your choice of a aluminium finish or Cerakote to increase durability and hardiness against the elements (Cerakote Black, OD green, Coyote Tan or Silver).


These nuts are included in the Pardus and Uzkon extension kits. 

Buy it Now!


No flash: Keeping targets in sight during night shooting

This is footage is courtesy of a customer using an ICEng custom “Operation Bikki Bikki” Flash Hider while shooting with a thermal/night vision scope.  At about the 3 second mark, the shot is fired (it was a confirmed clean and quick kill) and the 60kg boar drops. Usually a white light would wash over the scope, but the flash hider keeps it nice and dark.


The flash hider is designed to remove the bright muzzleflash from shooting that can wash out night vision and disrupt target acquisition in low-light situations. Instead, the shooter is free to move onto the next target without delay (or can remain on-target to give accurate and immediate follow up shot if required).

The flash hider used in this video is the Operation Bikki Bikki model, custom made in-house at Ignition Custom Engineering. It includes the prong piece, which screws onto a threaded barrel, and a removable blast shield.

Aussie made Flash Hider and blast shield in Coyote Tan

It can be customised for any calibre, fabricated from stainless steel and can be finished in Cerakote. You can buy it now using the link below. As it is a custom made piece per order, turnaround is 3-4 weeks.

Buy It Now

Adler A110 magazine extensions

For some shooters, the factory 5 shot version of the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun does the job.

But others have found a need for a larger capacity shotgun. Particularly in primary industries, pest management, hunting or  competition such as IPSC.

We manufacture and sell online two kits off the shelf for the Adler:

  • The +2 extension kit (which increases capacity by two shots to 7+1)
  • The +5 extension kit (which increases capacity by 5 shots to 10+1).
  • Custom orders eg the +6 IPSC model extension kit (increases capacity by 6 shots)

Click here to purchase from our online store

Adler plus 2 and plus5 side by firearm watermark
The ICEng Adler +5 (10 shot) extension tube is aligned with the 28″ barrel, while the shorter +2 tube lines up with the 20″ barrel. Both kits can be fitted to either the 20″ or 28″ model shotguns.

While the +2 kit lines up closely with the end of the 20” barrel Adler, the +5 is close to flush with the muzzle of the 28” barrel version (depending how you fit it).  But both can be fitted on either length barrel (depending on the capacity, front-weight and look you are going for).


ICEng's +2 and +5 extension tube and Nordic clamp kits alongside the Adler A110 28" model
ICEng’s +2 and +5 extension tube and Nordic clamp kits alongside the Adler A110 28″ model

The kits are designed as DIY installations. Basic power tools and a steady hand are all that’s required (instructions provided via email). The modification can be reversed should the shooter wish to return to the original 5 shot capacity.

Custom sizes are available too. This month we prepared +3 extension kits for quad-loading shooters wanting an 8-round capacity. The +6 IPSC kits have been popular sale items too, after successful testing with local IPSC competitors looking to increase capacity while remaining under the competition’s overall gun length rule.

Adler NH shooting
The 28″ model lever action Adler A110 shotgun, fitted with an ICEng +2 tube to increase capacity to 7 shots.

While the standard kits are finished in a hard-wearing black Cerakote, if you want something that stands out, contact us for a price to finish the tube (or complete firearm) in a different colour.

Lever action shotguns have been available in Australia since the late 1800s. Gunsmiths have been modifying them since this time, including class-appropriate capacity changes. Some states may have restrictions on capacity or magazine type. Please confirm with your local firearms authority to confirm your state or territory laws.

For more information, email or Buy it now

Custom compensator for enhanced IPSC performance

This is the end product after meeting a customer who wanted a custom IPSC  (International Practical Shooting Competition) race gun, for competing in open major class. The handgun is a Tanfoglio XL4 in 38 super. We were given free run on design with a few minor specifications from the customer.

The custom compensator started as solid steel.
A custom compensator in early machining stages.
After machining: this compensator was designed and manufactured by Ignition Custom Engineering to transform a Tanfoglio XL4in 38 super into a custom IPSC handgun.
All the machine work is complete and the newly customised Tanfoglio XL4 is ready for the Cerakote process.
A top view outlining the compensator design on a custom Tanfoglio XL4in 38 super reworked into a custom IPSC handgun with worked hammer, trigger, custom ICE compensator and Cerakote. If you look closely through the barrel port, you can see the barrel un Burnt Bronze and lubricant (its freshly oiled ready for use).
This Tanfoglio XL4in 38 super was reworked into a custom IPSC handgun with worked hammer, trigger, custom ICE compensator and Cerakote.

First we cut in a red dot sight to aid rapid target acquisition.

Next came a new custom compensator, designed by Ignition Custom Engineering and fabricated in-house from scratch. This will reduce recoil, allowing the shooter to stay on target longer and decrease time between aimed shots.

We lightened the hammer for decreased lock time. It was also partially skeletonised to reduce weight and reduce strike time. Then we only had to perform a minor trigger job to get it to standard.

The Tanfog was finished with custom duo-tone Cerakote work to stand out in competition. Colours used were Tungsten and Burnt Bronze (with 10% black).

Preparing your firearms for duck hunting season opening

Duck season is upon us again in South Australia with popular spots becoming hunting hotspots, including our old stomping grounds near Bool Lagoon in the South East.

As shooters swing their shotguns to the skies, our head gunsmith Nik has some tips to keep firearms safe and in top condition, while on field or in storage.

This little black duck has become a target for hunters in SA as duck season opens.

“When the shotguns come out, lot of shooters will be putting their rifles away for long-term storage,” Nik said.

But storage does not mean neglect.

“Give the rifle a good clean and oil the bores before you put it away so its in top condition when you want to use it again,” he said.

“Here’s a pro tip…store the rifle muzzle-down, resting inside a plastic take away food container. That way the cleaning fluids will drain into the plastic, rather than leaking into your stock and staining it, or making a mess inside your safe.”

A solid inspection and clean is also essential for your shotgun before you head off for the hunt, and after you return. This will help you get best results and extend the life of your firearm.

“Patch out the barrel, inspect it, pull the front-end off and give it a good clean,” Nik said.

And to avoid damage to the chokes, check your shotgun chokes are steel-proof to accommodate for water foul loads (steel ammunition).


Duck hunting season in SA runs from March 19 to June 26. Read more about SA’s hunting season at Environment SA, or check out the SSAA for includes information and links for other states.

Happy hunting and send us your action shots!

Transformation Tuesday – 300 blackout

Before – as the firearm arrived at the Ignition Custom Engineering workshop.
Transformation complete – 300 blackout with extractor work, fluting and rail

A unique build completed here in the Ignition Custom Engineering workshop recently.

It is a 300 blackout, fluted with a custom extraction system and custom-built flash hider.

Its topped off with a picatinny rail and finished in Cerakote (colour Coyote Tan).

Thanks to Hunter – Huntress (Simon & Jess). This Aussie couple is always updating their page with great Australian hunting related adventures. Check it out!

Say G’day at the South East Field Days

The South East Field Days in full swing attracts more than 22000 visitors and 600 exhibitors.

This Friday and Saturday (March 18 & 19, 2016) we are heading to the beautiful town of Lucindale
for the Annual South East Field Days.

For many years, we have attended the show among the 22,000 other visitors.

But this year is our first SE Field Days as an exhibitor.

Our head gunsmith Nik is pretty excited to be back on the Limestone Coast (he lived in the SE for several years and married a local girl) and having a yarn with our South East SA and Western Victorian clients.

Nik encouraged people to call through for a chat or ask any firearm-related questions –  from rifles, shotgun, handguns to performance and accuracy.

Hosted by the Lions Club, the event draws more than 600 exhibitors with the latest and greatest from the local, state and national rural and agricultural sectors.

The Ignition Custom Engineering stall will be at Site 1, Yakka Pavilion both Friday and Saturday.

Come past, grab a business card and say g’day!

The ICE team will trade the workshop for views of picturesque Lucindale – famous for lush pasture, prime livestock and great people – as we take part in the South East Field Days on March 18 & 19.

The infamous Tactical Falling Block build

During our recent interview on Precision Shooting Podcast, ICEng gunsmith Nik mentioned a “tactical falling block” build and we’ve had lots of questions about it. With permission we can now show some photos.

Enfield falling block in 45-70, 33" straight barrel with action gKRG Wiskey 3 stock (grafted onto the action among other modifications) and finished in Duo-tone Cerakote Burnt Bronze with Graphite black.
Enfield falling block in 45-70, 33″ straight barrel with action gKRG Wiskey 3 stock (grafted onto the action among other modifications) and finished in Duo-tone Cerakote Burnt Bronze with Graphite black.

It is an Enfield falling block in 45-70, 33″ straight barrel and has a KRG Wiskey 3 stock which has been grafted onto the action, rather than the action being put into the stock. Its finished in Cerakote Burnt Bronze with Graphite black duo-tone.

The lever had to be extensively modified and partly re-fabricated to get the lines of the grip to match correctly. To enable the fore-end to adapt to the action while maintaining strength and internal workings, the action has also undergone unseen modifications.

Enfield falling block in 45-70, 33" straight barrel with action gKRG Wiskey 3 stock (grafted onto the action among other modifications) and finished in Duo-tone Cerakote Burnt Bronze with Graphite black.
Enfield falling block in 45-70, 33″ straight barrel with action gKRG Wiskey 3 stock (grafted onto the action among other modifications) and finished in Duo-tone Cerakote Burnt Bronze with Graphite black.

One happy customer.
What do you think? Hop over to our Facebook site and let us know. your thoughts.

service the car, then service your rifle

If you have invested time and money into a custom quality firearm, you want to keep it in top notch. Just as you would service a vehicle, regular inspections and cleaning help keep firearms at peak safety and performance.

It is important to clean out debris from the firearm regularly so it doesn’t cause long-term damage. The process of dismantling, inspecting and cleaning can prevent rust and stock decay (plastic, polymer or wood). Once all the debris is cleared out, your rifle will feel smoother all round.

Here you can see an example of a Tikka T3 rifle that was in need of a good clean when it came to us.

Cleaning the trigger is important too – uncleared dirt and grime can destroy your sear, ruin trigger let off pressure and introduce creep. All of which impacts accuracy, ease of use and safety.  A trigger clean can be as good as a trigger job.

A good clean and inspection is best done after every hunting trip on shotguns and rifles. At a minimum, once a year.

For handguns, its best to perform a field strip and clean after every visit to the range.

If you have the skills and knowledge, it can be done at home. Or we can do it for you – all our Cerakote jobs involve a full strip and inspection.

What tools will you need? Apart from alan keys and screwdrivers, cotton-tips tips are essential! They are useful for catching dirt in the nooks and crannies without damaging any surfaces.

A rifle clean includes removing the barreled action for a visual inspection and wiping down all surfaces.

Shotguns can be cleaned by pulling the fore-end and barrel off and inspecting the action area for debris. But definitely leave trigger work on shotgun to professional.

Handguns can be field stripped; pay attention to wiping down the barrel slide and clean inside the feed ramp area with a cotton-tip.

To find out how we can help with keeping your firearm in peak performing condition, shoot an email to

Rapid target aquisition – Novak fibre optic sights & full trigger work


A new bushing compensator, full trigger work and Novak fibre optic sights for improved rapid target acquisition.

Look what we’ve been up to (one of the many projects on the go in our workshop this week: A Para ord 45acp with custom Novak fibre optic rear sight, compensator barrel bushing, stainless ambi safety and series 70 safety conversion.

As for the trigger pull, its down to 3lb 8oz with zero creep. Makes for rapid target acquisition.


Novak fibre optic adjustable duty cary sights fitted to a 45acp.

Novak rear rights fitted to a 45acp



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