What do we do?

Ignition Custom Engineering provides custom gunsmithing to all classes of firearms – including handguns, rimfire shotguns, centrefire rifles, lever and bolt actions and specialising in long range and precision rifle, pump action rifles and C & D class firearms.
Our talented crew designs and fabricates in-house, and can also import, creating a one-stop-shop for your aftermarket gun needs.
Have a read through our project news to see some examples of what we can do or email us to discuss your project idea.

  • Full commissioned & custom builds
  • Aftermarket upgrades
  • Trigger jobs
  • Action work
  • Custom bolt knobs & muzzle breaks
  • Handgun customization
  • Rifle bedding
  • Rebarelling
  • Servicing and repairs of old or non-functioning firearms
  • Decommisioning/deactivation
  • Parts and fitting
  • Cerakote
  • Custom machining jobs (mill, lathe, etc)
  • Fabrication
  • Importation of parts & firearms

Aftermarket Parts

If we don’t make it, we have access to almost anything you can imagine from Australia, USA or the world.  Our product range includes  MPA Masterpiece Arms Chassis, Rifles and Products

Australian Suppliers of



Aftermarket Parts

Custom fabricated parts Sometimes parts are hard to find, they aren’t produced anymore or maybe your project required an approach that isn’t “off the shelf”. As Australian D-class licensed manufacturing gunsmiths, we have the expertise to design and create your parts at our state-of-the-art precision machining facility. This includes prototypes… Read more

Custom Builds – Rifle, Handgun & Shotgun

Custom Builds It’s hard to beat a customised rifle, handgun or shotgun for precision. But what does a getting a custom rifle build actually entail? Where do you start and what do you need to know? A custom build simply means choice, freedom and complete control.  Factory and production don’t… Read more

Magazine extension kits

ICEng Magazines, Extensions & Kits As D-class manufacturers and gunsmiths, we are licensed to create magazine solutions or conversions which change the capacity of your firearm. Some conversions require modification to the firearm itself, some are bolt-on applications. Each firearm make is unique and requires a different approach. Lucky you’ve got some… Read more


Our gunsmithing team at Ignition Custom Engineering has intimate insight into the mechanics and art of firearms and shooting.  Equipped with years of experience, we see the details and diagnose like a precision surgeon. Then, create solutions with the focus, intensity and passion of a master artist. Can you feel… Read more


Cerakote, noun 1. Hard wearing stuff that goes on your firearms, looks ripper and keeps things in top condition! Flippin’ fantastic stuff. Ok so we made that up. But we think its pretty accurate. Cerakote is a paint coating that when applied correctly forms a very hard wearing protective surface on your firearm. Its more… Read more