ICEng Magazines, Extensions & Kits

As D-class manufacturers and gunsmiths, we are licensed to create magazine solutions or conversions which change the capacity of your firearm. Some conversions require modification to the firearm itself, some are bolt-on applications. Each firearm make is unique and requires a different approach. Lucky you’ve got some of the best custom gunsmiths on the case.

Capacity increases may change the class or category of your firearm. If this is the case, we will to need to see appropriate licences and permits. Your local state firearms act is a great resource for any shooter to understand their rights and responsibilities. We also recommend consulting with your firearms registry before order/purchase.

We have created extension solutions for Shotguns including Remington, Benelli, Browning, Adler, SHS, Pardus, Uzkon, IAC, Winchester, Chiappa, and more. Also for tubular magazine rifles including Marlin, Winchester,

Read about some of our mags & extensions or view a small selection of what we sell online. If you can’t see what you’re after, email us for a customised quote.

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