Firearm Accessories

Whether you’re competing in Precision Rifle Series events, honing your skills in NRL22 rimfire matches, or embarking on a hunting expedition, we’ve got your back.

Ignition Custom Engineering is Australia’s go-to destination for the best firearm and rifle accessories for serious shooting enthusiasts.

Discover our hand-picked range of premium rifle chassis, muzzle brakes, barrel tuners, Arca Swiss clamps, tactical plates, and more – all crafted to elevate your precision and long-range shooting game.

These are brands and parts we trust, because we use them ourselves.

Proudly Australian-made products from MANAEL, Ignition Custom Engineering, Impact Zone, My Portable Range and Tacti-Sac. And the best of USA including KRG Kinetic Research Group and MPA Masterpiece Arms.

Upgrade your shooting experience with confidence….