A new level of confidence
in your gear

MANAEL Sedajo Competition Chassis

Look good, make impacts

Introduing Australia’s solution for PRS performance,

the MANAEL Sedajo Competition Chassis.


This is no entry-level chassis. Proven in the battle against barricades

& refined through two years Australian testing and development

with professional & recreational shooters

in real-world competition.


The MANAEL Sedajo is for shooters who are serious about performance

and a customisable solution with everything they need, and nothing they don’t.


Own the range with confidence, so you can focus on what matters:

Making impacts.


Shoot, your way

No two shooters are alike. So don’t shoot someone elses set-up.


The MANAEL Sedajo chassis is easily customised to suit you

with stacks of options packed into one of the sexiest designs on the market

(seriously, have you seen that swept mag well?)


Find your perfect fit with adjustable length of pull,

recoil pad cant/camber, cheek height

and interchangeable grip (compatible with all leading brands). 

MANAEL Sedajo is designed for better balance.

Multiple internal and external weight options,

so no matter what you're shooting, you can find your equilibrium.

Better stability with one of the longest integrated Arca Swiss Rails.

That means maximum bipod & accessory maneuverability.

Plus an integrated bag rider that’s adjustable height too. 

Whether its smashing into a steel barricade, balancing on a tank trap

or long range prone stability, make it yours.

 Because you shoot best when you do you.

Find your perfect balance with the MANAEL Sedajo and give the competition hell!

Everyone's invited

Because the MANAEL Sedajo is made in Australia by actual shooters,

they're made for rifles Aussies actually use in competition.

You're covered for the most popular rifle inlets:


  • Right & Left Hand Models
  • Remington 700 Short Action
  • Clone rifles (Bergara, Impact Precision, Curtis, MANAEL etc)
  • Tikka T3 Short Action
  • Howa 1500 Short Action
  • New inlets with enough requests (Lithgow LA102, anyone?)

Get your order now
before places run out

Limited Edition PRS Model

To celebrate the launch of this innovative Australian Chassis, MANAEL are offering a limited number of exclusive Precision Rifle Series Australia Models.


This is a special offer only available for pre-orders or deposits made this month (or while stock lasts).


Places are limited so hit the link below, choose your rifle type & enjoy bragging rights + early access!

What you get with your pre-order

  • Exclusive early-access to new accesories & upgrades from MANAEL (including enclosed foreend, weight kits & more)
  • Limited edition PRS Model with Precision Rifle Series Australia logo
  • $200 off Chassis recommended retail price
  • One of the first chassis available to the public (bragging rights at the range!)
  • Best aftermarket care from Australian manufacturers


100% Australian born & bred

Every firearm product from MANAEL is designed and made in-house in South Australia, including the MANAEL Sedajo Chassis 


When you choose MANAEL, you are supporting local jobs & our firearms industry.


MANAEL proudly give back to the shooting community through prizes and sponsorships for various events including Precision Rifle Series Australia. 


Get the best local support and aftermarket care because when you choose MANAEL, you’re dealing with Aussie shooters!