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Don’t risk rust. Get your rifle Cerakoted properly.

The deep, glossy hues of a freshly blued rifle can be very sexy.

Not so much when you pull your rifle out the safe and its covered in rust.

Rust actively destroys the value of your firearm and its functionality. At best its annoying and you need to keep up the maintenance to ensure it doesnt progress.

At worst, it eats away the working surfaces of your firearm – including inside the reciever and barrel. So its no longer accurate or safe.

Rust can take over faster than you think – only 12 days in this test:



This is why you need a gunsmith to help with Cerakote!

Forget metal bluing. Get the rifle Cerakoted by our gunsmithing team and you know you’re covered.

Contact out gunsmithing team today and we can help.


What is the difference between Metal Bluing and Cerakote?

Metal Bluing is a chemical application process (components are coated) which changes the surface colour. Its usually deep blue or black. A good bluing job will be glossy and even.

But it provides very little real protection against the elements. That means rust.

Cerakote is like the superhero of the story. Its a Ceramic based coating that, when applied correctly, will completely protect the surface from oxidization rust.

But the best part?

Cerakote comes in a HUGE variety of colours and can be applied to almost any metal surface.


Our gunsmiths treat Cerakoted parts at a specific temperature to ensure maximum surface and rust protection. What do you think of this Tungsten Cerakote colour?

The gunsmiths at Ignition Custom Engineering perform Cerakote applications on handguns, rifles and shotguns almost everyday (and even some motorbike or smaller vehicle components).

Contact us today and we can find the perfect colour combination to protect your rifle!


When is the best time to apply Cerakote?

Prevention is better than cure. So its best to apply Cerakote while the surface is still healthy and rust-free.


What if there’s already some rust on my rifle or firearm?

Step 1: Don’t panic. Call us.

Step 2: let us help.

Most of the time, light rust can be treated to protect the rifle from degrading any further. During the Cerakote process, we blast back the surface layer to get rid of any active rust so the Cerakote goes onto a pristine surface.

When you can see “pitting” (holes or changes to the surface texture), that means the rust is getting deeper. We can clean out inside these pockets to ensure it doesn’t progress.

You will still see the divot because the missing material is gone. But when we apply the Cerakote, you can rest assured that it is protected and won’t get worse.


What if its really bad? The rust is in the barrel, the bolt head/body or the receiver

There comes a point where some damage can’t be fixed without replacing components. But don’t give up just yet – Our gunsmiths can inspect it and let you know what we can do.


What can I do to prevent rust?

Keep your firearm in a dry location. Installing a De-humidifier in your safe is a very valuable investment as it will help keep moisture levels down.

As part of your general maintenance, wipe down surfaces with a dry clean cloth after use (especially if there’s mud or water involved. And let’s face it, we are shooters. There’s almost ALWAYS dirt, dust and mud involved).

A light coating with your preferred gun oil (never WD40!!!!) can also help prevent rust build up.


Call us on 0402219831 and let’s see how we can help!

Retiring the Nerf Rifle

It started with a Remington 700 and a very loud Cerakote job....but all good things come to an end, including the reign of the notorious Ignition Custom NERF Rifle. We pay tribute to the work horse that served us through two years of Australian precision and practical rifle events (2016 to 2018).

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Masterpiece Arms modified Tikka T3

This Tikka T3 has been given a new lease on life with a little love and care from our gunsmiths. The action was in unfired condition, but the bolt was damaged with minor surface marks. Functionally, it was perfect but its appearance meant it couldn't be sold as "new" we got out hands on it and had a little fun giving the factory rifle a facelift. Including a Masterpiece Arms chassis...

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Staging a build on a custom deer hunting rife

A custom build can be a big process, but it doesn't have to be done all at once. What's the rush? Explore how this Remington build was staged to assist with budgeting and to get familiar with new components or modifications one piece at a time before deciding what's next.

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PRS Ready: custom built 1000m rifle

Today we look at a ground-up custom build by our Adelaide gunsmiths, capable of competition-grade performance at 1000m distances. The new owner and lucky shooter only needs to fit a scope, head to the field and step it out as far as their skill allows.
One of our specialties as gunmiths (and passions as shooters!) is precision and practical rifle series (PRS) style competition - so that formed the overall direction and theme of this custom rifle build. It had to be something easy to maneuver in movement competition with reliable performance and precision accuracy.
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Little touches make big a difference

This CZ P09 is a beautiful example of how a small and simple modification can have a massive impact.

It was delivered to us in factory condition, including full standard black finish.

We finished the slide and safety release in Titanium Cerakote (leaving the frame as standard). Its a relatively inexpensive and quick change. But the results were impressive.

Our customer was thrilled to take home a custom and unique looking handgun.

Can “Tactical” be clean and minimal? Custom Rem Rifle Build

The term “tactical” conjures up many images (such as those extreme tacticool operators, who kit out their gear with enough rails to mount their frypan and camping equipment). In this custom build, tactical meets clean, classic and (dare we say it?) classy!

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Pic rail brings new sights to Colt 1911 Rail Gun

Our client was wanting to reduce eye strain and aid clarity of vision by moving to a a sight/scope that allowed two-eye target acquisition while shooting pistol competition with their Colt 1911 Rail Gun. The Vortex Viper 6MOA Red Dot was the answer, but this Colt was just not designed to accommodate it.

Installing an off-the-shelf picatinny rail meant the sights would sit too high (there would be too much offset between the sight and the bore).

This design needed to be low profile, high speed and low drag for competition. So we created a custom picatinny rail with a lower profile and modified to slide to create a tidy recess for the rail to nestle into.

After finishing in Cerakote, the pistol was ready to go. Now there is a happy shooter rocking their Rail Gun with a new Vortex Viper and both eyes on target.

Vortex Viper fitted to a Colt 1911 thanks to custom pic rail fabricated by our gunsmiths
Vortex Viper fitted to a Colt 1911 with an ICEng custom picatinny rail
Custom pic rail and modifications to fit Vortex Viper to Colt 1911

Increasing longevity: Much loved 9mm makeover

This Trojan Spartan 9mm had seen its fair share of action. It came to us with a shot out barrel. The owner was wanting to rejuvenate this handgun to prime condition and keep it in top working order for years to come.

First on the list was a new barrel and bushing. Then we installed new Novak front sights to improve the ease-of-target acquisition.

New Novak front and rear sights compliment the ease of use and looks of the makeover to this Trojan Spartan 9mm
New Novak front and rear sights compliment the ease of use and looks of the makeover to this Trojan Spartan 9mm

As the handgun was often used in competition, we carved in front grip checkering to increase grip stability.

Now the surfaces and working parts were all serviced and ready, we Cerakoted the firearm to protect against the elements and wear and tear. Magpul Flat Dark Earth was the colour of choice, fitting in with the owner’s goal of a functional and tactical look.


This is an example of a relatively simple job which will protect a firearm and keep it running for many, many more years to come, regardless if its near-new or much-loved.

Did you want to know more about Cerakote?

No flash: Keeping targets in sight during night shooting

This is footage is courtesy of a customer using an ICEng custom “Operation Bikki Bikki” Flash Hider while shooting with a thermal/night vision scope.  At about the 3 second mark, the shot is fired (it was a confirmed clean and quick kill) and the 60kg boar drops. Usually a white light would wash over the scope, but the flash hider keeps it nice and dark.

The flash hider is designed to remove the bright muzzleflash from shooting that can wash out night vision and disrupt target acquisition in low-light situations. Instead, the shooter is free to move onto the next target without delay (or can remain on-target to give accurate and immediate follow up shot if required).

The flash hider used in this video is the Operation Bikki Bikki model, custom made in-house at Ignition Custom Engineering. It includes the prong piece, which screws onto a threaded barrel, and a removable blast shield.

Aussie made Flash Hider and blast shield in Coyote Tan

It can be customised for any calibre, fabricated from stainless steel and can be finished in Cerakote. You can buy it now using the link below. As it is a custom made piece per order, turnaround is 3-4 weeks.

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Custom compensator for enhanced IPSC performance

This is the end product after meeting a customer who wanted a custom IPSC  (International Practical Shooting Competition) race gun, for competing in open major class. The handgun is a Tanfoglio XL4 in 38 super. We were given free run on design with a few minor specifications from the customer.

The custom compensator started as solid steel.
A custom compensator in early machining stages.
After machining: this compensator was designed and manufactured by Ignition Custom Engineering to transform a Tanfoglio XL4in 38 super into a custom IPSC handgun.
All the machine work is complete and the newly customised Tanfoglio XL4 is ready for the Cerakote process.
A top view outlining the compensator design on a custom Tanfoglio XL4in 38 super reworked into a custom IPSC handgun with worked hammer, trigger, custom ICE compensator and Cerakote. If you look closely through the barrel port, you can see the barrel un Burnt Bronze and lubricant (its freshly oiled ready for use).
This Tanfoglio XL4in 38 super was reworked into a custom IPSC handgun with worked hammer, trigger, custom ICE compensator and Cerakote.

First we cut in a red dot sight to aid rapid target acquisition.

Next came a new custom compensator, designed by Ignition Custom Engineering and fabricated in-house from scratch. This will reduce recoil, allowing the shooter to stay on target longer and decrease time between aimed shots.

We lightened the hammer for decreased lock time. It was also partially skeletonised to reduce weight and reduce strike time. Then we only had to perform a minor trigger job to get it to standard.

The Tanfog was finished with custom duo-tone Cerakote work to stand out in competition. Colours used were Tungsten and Burnt Bronze (with 10% black).

Transformation Tuesday – 300 blackout

Before – as the firearm arrived at the Ignition Custom Engineering workshop.
Transformation complete – 300 blackout with extractor work, fluting and rail

A unique build completed here in the Ignition Custom Engineering workshop recently.

It is a 300 blackout, fluted with a custom extraction system and custom-built flash hider.

Its topped off with a picatinny rail and finished in Cerakote (colour Coyote Tan).

Thanks to Hunter – Huntress (Simon & Jess). This Aussie couple is always updating their page with great Australian hunting related adventures. Check it out!

The infamous Tactical Falling Block build

During our recent interview on Precision Shooting Podcast, ICEng gunsmith Nik mentioned a “tactical falling block” build and we’ve had lots of questions about it. With permission we can now show some photos.

Enfield falling block in 45-70, 33" straight barrel with action gKRG Wiskey 3 stock (grafted onto the action among other modifications) and finished in Duo-tone Cerakote Burnt Bronze with Graphite black.
Enfield falling block in 45-70, 33″ straight barrel with action gKRG Wiskey 3 stock (grafted onto the action among other modifications) and finished in Duo-tone Cerakote Burnt Bronze with Graphite black.

It is an Enfield falling block in 45-70, 33″ straight barrel and has a KRG Wiskey 3 stock which has been grafted onto the action, rather than the action being put into the stock. Its finished in Cerakote Burnt Bronze with Graphite black duo-tone.

The lever had to be extensively modified and partly re-fabricated to get the lines of the grip to match correctly. To enable the fore-end to adapt to the action while maintaining strength and internal workings, the action has also undergone unseen modifications.

Enfield falling block in 45-70, 33" straight barrel with action gKRG Wiskey 3 stock (grafted onto the action among other modifications) and finished in Duo-tone Cerakote Burnt Bronze with Graphite black.
Enfield falling block in 45-70, 33″ straight barrel with action gKRG Wiskey 3 stock (grafted onto the action among other modifications) and finished in Duo-tone Cerakote Burnt Bronze with Graphite black.

One happy customer.
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Rapid target aquisition – Novak fibre optic sights & full trigger work


A new bushing compensator, full trigger work and Novak fibre optic sights for improved rapid target acquisition.

Look what we’ve been up to (one of the many projects on the go in our workshop this week: A Para ord 45acp with custom Novak fibre optic rear sight, compensator barrel bushing, stainless ambi safety and series 70 safety conversion.

As for the trigger pull, its down to 3lb 8oz with zero creep. Makes for rapid target acquisition.


Novak fibre optic adjustable duty cary sights fitted to a 45acp.

Novak rear rights fitted to a 45acp