The solution for stability when mounting a lightweight hunting rifle

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You Are Here:, Arca Swiss, MANAELThe solution for stability when mounting a lightweight hunting rifle

Secure your rifle in a super-stable platform
without weighing you down

If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Arca Swiss….just google it. Its awesome and has become the new superior standard for rifle mounting.

Long story short: an Arca Swiss rail is mounted onto your rifle. Then using the universal standard dovetail slots, it can fit nicely into an arca swiss tripod head. Or you can use that real estate for quick adjust/detach clamps for bipods and accessories.

The gurus at MANAEL Australia make one of the strongest Arca Swiss rails on the market.

Now you can enjoy the same confidence and stability with their ultra light weight hunting version.

Just drop your lightweight hunting rifle into an arca tripod and you’re ready for that long-range deer shot.


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Why do we love the MANAEL Lightweight Hunter rail?


  1. MANAEL always make really, really, tough gear. Their standard Arca Swiss Rails are near impossible to break.
    This new rail is no exception.
    Alll their products are 100% Made In Australia, so you get full confidence its quality (and you will get quality aftermarket care with any queries).
  2. Its nice and light.
    MANAEL have cut down the weight with unique cross-hatch pocketing removes weight, making it one of the strongest lightweight rails on the market.
  3. The Lightweight Hunter Arca Swiss Rail It fits factory Tikka stocks seamlessly.
    The mounting face actually has a recess which matches the factory stock, for a secure and streamlined fit.
  4. Its also universal for just about every other stock!
    Hardware is provided (MANAEL like to make it easy).
  5. The rail gives a nice, flat surface so you can rest on just about anything in the field – without damaging your stock.
  6. Attaching it into a tripod for a super stable long range shot is SO EASY! See…..

7. This Aussie made product was shortlisted in the 2022 Golden Yeet Awards.
The MANAEL Lightweight Hunter Arca Swiss rail was named a finalist in the Best Rifle Accessory Innovation category.

8. MANAEL offer a host of accessories to fit this rail such as bipod clamps for Harris, Atlas and Picatinny rail mount bipods. 
And because MANAEL make the rail to the RRS standard, it will fit with all other standard/universal Arca Swiss accessories.

Have you tried Arca Swiss before? What do you think of the new Lightweight Hunter style Arca rail from MANAEL?

Head on over to our webstore and let us know what you think!