How much difference can a breeze make on a 22LR? A.K.A. Watch your wind calls….

What difference a little breeze can make with rimfire! Obviously, cute little 22LR rounds don’t have the same power to fight the wind as larger centrefire rifle rounds.

But that’s why rimfire rifles are such a great training tool! rather than let ammunition cover up potential weak areas, you have choice but to learn how to read wind and how to hold for it.

Here’s a vid taken while testing a custom rimfire builds of ours. It shows perfectly how important it is to read wind when holding in breezy conditions (or not, derp!).

The stage reached distances 25m to 198m. Shoot to move, one shot per target.

This rifle build is a “trainer rifle” for Precision and Practical style shooting. The idea is the trainer rifle is built with the same features and weight/feel as a centrefire competition rifle so the shooter can practice with cheaper ammo and refine skills. Plus its perfect for competing in local club competitions at Precision Shooting Club SA.

What worked well?
Good transitions between positions and good time management (shot in time allotted without rushing or going too slow)

What equipment worked well?
MANAEL Arca Swiss barricade rest bag bought points by saving time through positional changes. Made a conscious effort to put it as far forward as possible on arca swiss rail, while using my support hand on the tripod for a rear rest. The extra distance gave me a longer platform for stability (the further apart the two points of contact, the better).

What would I do differently next time?
Didnt keep up with wind calls, that’s my own fault. So next time keep up with which way dirt trails blowing…..and more slick mag change-ness!

Gear used in this video:

Filmed at SSAA Precision Shooting SA – Monarto Range (South Australia).