Does the Adler Slick Spring Kit work?

Its been a few years since we introduced this nifty little DIY install product to the Ignition Custom Engineering shelves, but we still get heaps of questions about the Ignition Custom Adler Action Slick Smooth Spring Kit (try saying that three times fast).

Question 1 – is it still available?

Yes! We manufacture them at our Adelaide gunsmithing workshop and try to keep them on the shelf. When they’re out of stock you can still order them (using the backorder feature on our website) and one from the next batch will be automatically allocted to you.

Question 2. Does it make a difference?

Yes! It does make that much difference.

Some customers find their Adler works fine enough out of the box. And that’s great! For the rest of us who got a shotgun with a sticky, stiff or rough action….this is the solution.

The kits include a series of springs, which you can replace at home. We provide instructions in PDF form via email and they can be ordered at our online store.

Or, fitting can be done by the Ignition Custom Engineering team by appointment for a small fee.

Check out the product listing for more information.

Ignition Custom Engineering fabricates some other components for the Adler. We only supply aftermarket components as listed on our webstore such as magazine nuts, followers, clamps, brakes and magazine extension kits.

Ignition Custom does not stock factory components for the Adler (please contact your local gun shop for factory replacement components including barrels).