Masterpiece Arms modified Tikka T3

This Tikka T3 has been given a new lease on life with a little love and care from our gunsmiths. The action was in unfired condition, but the bolt was damaged with minor surface marks. Functionally, it was perfect but its appearance meant it couldn’t be sold as “new”.

So we got out hands on it and had a little fun giving the factory rifle a facelift.

The bolt was spiral fluted and the bolt shroud replaced with this little number from Atlasworxs.  We installed a new bolt handle with a modified throw angle and a grenade style bolt knob for easy grip.

T3 with a new rail, knob and handle, shroud, seated in a MPA BA Lite chassis

It wouldn’t be competition-ready without a 30 MOA picatinny rail.

Next came a new 6.5CM barrel from Swan Barrels. It was given the special treatment by our gunsmiths with a match grade fit and chambering job and one of our unique Janzso port style muzzle brakes.

ICEng Janzso port brake in Sniper Grey

The whole thing was Cerakoted in Sniper Grey.

Finally we paired it up with a Masterpiece Arms BA Lite Chassis. The Lite chassis is the little brother of of MPA’s beloved BA Competition chassis. It doesn’t have all the features and is a touch shorter – and is lighter weighing about 2.9lb (1.3kg) – making it agile and ideal for practical rifle or PRS competitions.