Custom rifle build with a sub MOA guarantee (Proof Research, Bat & McMillan)

Today’s build report looks at a sub MOA rifle out of the Ignition Custom Engineering workshop. Its built off a Bat Action, Proof Research barrel and McMillan stock.

How do we know it’s a real tac driver?  Well, for starters, we know what it takes to make a high precision rifle.  But the proof is in the groupings….

Quick to find the target with sub MOA performance, custom built by Ignition Custom Engineering

Once it was built we took it to the range and zeroed the rifle at 100m. The first two shots were made at 100m to ensure the scope was lined up with bore sighting.

The rifle then shot a three-shot group at 100m. All shots made impact at sub MOA.

The next – and final – three shots were all at 700 metres. All three hit. Sub MOA again.  Job done.

From never been shot, to reaching out with such accuracy to 700m on the sixth shot shows the calibre of this firearm (no pun intended).

BAT Machine Actions are notoriously accurate out of the box, as are Proof Research barrels. And nothing needs to be said about the quality of McMillan stocks because their pedigree speaks loud enough.  No expense was spared in this build and the components were chosen for the quality.

This rifle is set up in 6.5 creedmoor, designed for mid to long range, ideal for PRS competition or getting an elusive goat at 1000m.

Top end products for top end performance: Proof Research Carbon Fibre barrel, McMillan stock and Ignition Custom Engineering brake and rail.

The Proof Research Carbon Fibre barrel (weighing about 1.5kg) cuts down a lot of front-heavy weight. The negative barrel balance increases rifle agility.

We opted for a McMillan A3-5 Sporter Stock  Lightweight with a focus on comfort. Good finger grip at the foreend to shoot off hand, but wide enough to run a bipod for long range shots (we believe its one of the better stock designs out there).  The  straight comb helps reposition the recoil pad slightly, which aids recoil management and gives the shooter ability to spot their shots and gets back on target faster. Its finished in rhino cam.

The action was fitted with a custom 30 MOA picatinny rail fabricated by our team here in Adelaide. We also custom fabricated a top-and-side-port muzzle brake to sit flush with the profile of the barrel and aid recoil management.

Custom MOA rail fabricated by Ignition Custom Engineering

A top end action, barrel and stock set up wouldn’t be complete without a top-end trigger. We fitted the premium offering from Timney Triggers, the Calvin Elite Two Stage Adjustable Trigger that can drop down to 8oz trigger pull.

The floorplate is an Atlasworxs detachable bottom metal style, compatible with AI style magazines.

Timney Trigger and AI magazine compatible floorplate are some of the premium components used in this build

Some of the gunsmithing magic to pull it all together included our specialised chambering work and match-grade bedding.

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