Staging a build on a custom deer hunting rife

A custom build can be a big process, but it doesn’t have to be done all at once. What’s the rush? Some clients stage their build over several months. It may be a budgeting choice (breaking the project into smaller parts) or to get familiar with new components or modifications one piece at a time before deciding what’s next.

Haven’t I seen this rifle before?

Upgrades to this Remington 700 were staged over several months

This 270WSM Remington 700 rifle, destined for deer hunting, first came to us many months ago for the first stage of the transformation.

this finished product is the sum of several trips to the gunsmith

Accurising the action was the first step, to return it to a true surface and increase accuracy. Then we replaced the worn barrel with a brand new one, complete with fluting.

Stage two was a trigger replacement to a lighter and crisper aftermarket Timney Trigger.

barrel fluting and a three port muzzle brake

Next came the muzzle thread and brake. Then came some use in the field. After a few hunting trips, it came back for a few minor touches like upgrading the bolt knob.

Upgraded bolt knob and bolt spiral fluting

It was almost a new gun…

Fabrication and machining work was taken care so once it did another stint in the field, the rifle returned for a Cerakote finish.

We always recommend leaving Cerakote until the end of a project (its like painting a car before replacing a door; machining/upgrade work often means Cerakote often needs to be reapplied. Again).

The customer chose Magpul Flat Dark Earth to remain true to the rifle’s hunting spirit. The colour contrasts with the the factory black stock while complimenting its web textured black finish.

A subtle array of Flat Dark Earth tones displays through the fluting shadows along the barrel, providing another dimension to the overall finish and appearance.


But wait, there’s more…

This month the rifle underwent a new stage of its transformation. We converted it from a factory internal magazine system to a detachable box magazine.

Because the Remington started life with an internal magazine, the factory stock had no provision for a bottom metal. Our gunsmiths custom inletted the factory stock and installed an aftermarket bottom metal. Now this Remington is rocking AI detachable box magazines.

Factory stock inletted for an Atlasworxs detachable box mag bottom metal and AI Accurate Magazines
Practically a different rifle