Rifle Mounted Data Holders – X Ring Armory & Hawk Hill Custom

If you’ve ever had to work with DOPE, you probably know the pain of trying to keep the information handy when you need it. Taking eyes off the target and moving to check your ballistic information can eat up valuable time in competition or hunting.

We discovered this early on while competing and sponsoring PRS and long range, so we created a handy drop-chart on the back of our business cards. We’ve seen all sorts of creative method’s to keep this information handy (some people go for the writst-mounted options, but we’ve plenty of action-mounted DIY jobs with blue tack, duct tape, flexible wire, zip ties and more!).

Today we introduce two new products by Hawk Hill Custom and X Ring Armory to our webstore, which will hopefully make life a little easier for everyone.

They are Mounted Data kits designed to display the ballistic and drop chart information close to your shooting eyeline. Convenient and time saving. Both kits attach to the picatinny rail with pivot points to adjust the location of the card holder.

Rugged with many uses – Hawk Hill Custom Rifle Mounted Data Holder

Hawk Hill Custom

The Hawk Hill Rile Mounted Data Holder features multi axis rotation points that allow you to change the angle of viewing. It can be folded away when not in use. It has multi click detents which lock the joints in place.

It doesn’t require any tooling to attach or remove. It uses an integrated clamp with nut to fit onto the picatinny rail.
Once attached, there is a lot of flexibliity in how you use the holder. The kit comes with a white kydex card and industrial grade velcro strips and a whiteboard marker. You can use the whiteboard marker on the kydex card then attach it using the velcro strips.
Or you can use the velro strips to mount other ballistic information devices.

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Lightweight and simple to use – X Ring Armory Rifle Mounted Data System.

X Ring Armory

The X Ring Armory Rifle Mounted Data System is a neat little unit that offers a lot of flexibility in viewing your ballistic information.

You will need to clamp it onto your rail –  the kit includes the tool and the integrated screws.

From there, slide your drop chart or ballistic data into the water-resistant pouch and off you go. You can also write directly onto the vinyl pouch with a whiteboard marker.

This unit offers a lot of flexibility in viewing angles. It has two 360 degree pivot joints (one on the rail clamp and another on the back of the card holder). So it can be swiveled to the left or right of the action.

There is a rotating bar between the two pivot joints that allows unlimited rotation, so you can adjust the viewing angle to whatever you need.

The friction pivot joints mean when you find the angle you like, it should stay put. You can also fold the unit flat against the action to keep it out of the way.

X Ring Armory kept the weight down by fabricating from light weight reinforced chrystaline polymer bodies and X Ring state the kit is chemical and corrosion resistant.