Competition rate accuracy from this Adelaide-designed modular chassis by PRP

Australian made modular chassis by Precision Rifle Products

Our team always gets excited by locally-made firearm products, such as this Modular Chassis Stock by Precision Rifle Products in Adelaide. We got our hands on this chassis in early 2016. Since then we’ve have been experimenting and testing in various configurations. Overall, we are impressed with quality of workmanship and design feature-set/options from the factory. It offers great accuracy, lightweight yet rugged is well priced and is easy to customise.

This stock is available through our online store.

The modular-designed chassis is made up of two main pieces (an upper and lower  piece) which join together with pivot/hinge pin at the front and a removable locking at the pin rear (similar to an AR-15). removing the rear pin allows the stock to swing open so the bolt can be fully cleared from the action. Very handy for maintenance, transporting the rifle or when shooting at ranges which require bolts to be removed. Overall the stock is very simple to assemble.

The PRP chassis pivots open for easy bolt access and setup changes

A huge selling point, unlike some other chassis systems, is the stock is non-folding, meaning its permitted in all states and territories of Australia. And it has good aftermarket support as it accepts regular AR-15 furniture such as pistol grips and buffer tube/stocks and AICS style mags.

At present the stocks only accept Rem 700 footprint actions (a Tikka model is in the works). The action is locked in place using a V-block which eliminates the need for bedding compound. It also means the stock can quickly be swapped between multiple barreled-actions for different setups with consistent results.

“Minimalist Tactical” Rem 700 build using a PRP Chassis (click image for more)

One of our favourite features of the PRP chassis is the centreline axis point. It lines  up perfectly with the bolt body and bore axis. This gives a very smooth recoil pulse and enables you to come back onto the target effectively after a shot.

We are seeing the PRP stocks used more frequently in local competition (such as Precision Rifle and Practical Rifle Series competitions where shooters are looking for something rugged that offers accuracy, while keeping the weight down. This chassis weighs is made of aluminium T6061 billet, weighing in at about 1kg, and is Milspec hard anodized.

PRP Modular Chassis (body finished in Kryptech Cerakote, quad rail foreend in black)

It comes from the factory with a as picatinny front end for all the tactical fans and their “functional extras”.  Newer models are M-LOK and keymod compatible.

We are excited to add these stocks to our growing webstore and work with PRP on future stock designs.

These stocks are made to order and there’s currently a 2-4 week lead time. They come in anodized black, other colours by request. We can also finish them in a variety of Cerakote colour finishes including custom blends.

The wrap:

We love how easy it is to customise these stocks with colour changes. Its easy to work with from a gunsmithing perspective and we were impressed with the accuracy and its straight line bore axis. As a shooter, we found it easy to use as it was lightweight, comfortable to hold and has good bolt access. Its locally made and priced well compared with other chassis options currently on the market.