Our gunsmithing team at Ignition Custom Engineering has intimate insight into the mechanics and art of firearms and shooting.  Equipped with years of experience, we see the details and diagnose like a precision surgeon. Then, create solutions with the focus, intensity and passion of a master artist.

Can you feel the love? We sure can, because we love what we do.

No category is off limits. As D class manufacturers and dealers (and shooters), we are equipped to handle all classes including A, B, C, D and H from all over Australia.

Ignition Custom offers services, repairs, parts, design, Cerakote or simply exploring how to improve the performance of your firearm.

Our favourite projects are the custom, oddball and unique challenges. Or working with you to co-design with you a complete custom rifle or handgun from the ground-up.

We operate from a specialist workshop in Adelaide, South Australia, with latest in precision equipment. 

Ignition Custom Engineering works closely with firearm dealers nation-wide to deliver a seamless service to shooters, regardless of location. No matter where you are, we can help.

From rebarrels or repairs to complete ground-up custom builds,  the Ignition Custom team has you covered every step of the way. Backed up with D class manufacture gusmithing licenses, premium equipment and a lot of passion, our guarantee to you is our reputation and experience.

Ignition Custom Engineering are Official Gunsmiths of the Precision Rifle Series, in recognition of our specialist experience and knowledge in what makes a long range rig work under tough conditions.

A few recent Gunsmithing projects

Don’t risk rust. Get your rifle Cerakoted properly.

The deep, glossy hues of a freshly blued rifle can be very sexy. Not so much when you pull your rifle out the safe and… Read more

How much difference can a breeze make on a 22LR? A.K.A. Watch your wind calls….

What difference a little breeze can make with 22LR rifle! Rather than let ammunition cover up potential weak areas, you have choice but to learn… Read more

Converting a WFA1 to take the Forward Assist Bolt Action Kit (FABA)

MANAEL’s Forward Assist Bolt Action Kits (FABA) kits have provided a popular solution for those wanting extra grip points on the new WFA1-L rifle from… Read more

Customising Impala shotgun for 2020 IPSC Rifle & Shotgun Nationals

A quick peek at a few custom mods to get the most out of an Impala 12g Shotgun for the 2020 IPSC Rifle & Shotgun… Read more

Aussie Made Solutions: Warwick WFA1L and the Forward Assist Bolt Action (FABA) Kit

We teamed up with MANAEL firearms manufacturers and Warwick Firearms Australia to deliver a bolt-on solution for the new WFA1-L Bolt Action Rifle. Its called… Read more

Ignition Custom Winter Classic PRS Australia Done and dusted!

The 2019 Ignition Custom Winter Classic Precision Rifle Series Australia match is done and dusted for another year. Yes, that pun was intended. Dust the… Read more

Retiring the Nerf Rifle

It started with a Remington 700 and a very loud Cerakote job….but all good things come to an end, including the reign of the notorious… Read more

Staging a build on a custom deer hunting rife

A custom build can be a big process, but it doesn’t have to be done all at once. What’s the rush? Explore how this Remington… Read more

South Aussie hunter in a Grayboe Stock

This week’s build report looks at a Remington 700 rebuilt into a Grayboe Renegade stock, designed for South Australian field use. Read more

PRS Ready: custom built 1000m rifle

Today we look at a ground-up custom build by our Adelaide gunsmiths, capable of competition-grade performance at 1000m distances. The new owner and lucky shooter… Read more

Long range accuracy in Australian made rifle chassis

One happy customer: This gun was built for speed and Precision Rifle Series style competition with a specific design focus on fighting wind. The Precision… Read more

Little touches make big a difference

This CZ P09 is a beautiful example of how a small and simple modification can have a massive impact. It was delivered to us in… Read more

Custom Rifles for Performance – Gunsmith Talk @ Shot Show Mel

It’s hard to beat a customised rifle for precision. Custom builds and aftermarket modifications allow you to control each element of the set-up. This means… Read more

Can “Tactical” be clean and minimal? Custom Rem Rifle Build

The term “tactical” conjures up many images (such as those extreme tacticool operators, who kit out their gear with enough rails to mount their frypan… Read more

Smoothing out Adler A110 cycling action (aftermarket parts kit upgrade)

Presenting the ICEng Action Slicking Spring & Roller Kit which includes all the aftermarket parts to smooth out the cycling action of the Adler A110.… Read more

Raising scope elevation to 55MOA for 22LR with custom pic rail

Thanks to custom picatinny rail created in-house by our gunsmiths, this 22LR Lithgow Crossover now has the elevation adjustment to shoot out to 400m on… Read more

Gunsmith-made custom picatinny rails made in Adelaide, South Australia

Not every firearm is equal when it comes to sight mounting options. We can create a custom picatinny rails for any handgun, rifle or shotgun.… Read more

Pic rail brings new sights to Colt 1911 Rail Gun

Our client was wanting to reduce eye strain and aid clarity of vision by moving to a a sight/scope that allowed two-eye target acquisition while… Read more

No flash: Keeping targets in sight during night shooting

This is footage is courtesy of a customer using an ICEng custom “Operation Bikki Bikki” Flash Hider while shooting with a thermal/night vision scope.  At about… Read more