Custom fabricated parts

Sometimes parts are hard to find, they aren’t produced anymore or maybe your project required an approach that isn’t “off the shelf”.

As Australian D-class licensed manufacturing gunsmiths, we have the expertise to design and create your parts at our state-of-the-art precision machining facility.

This includes prototypes or unique pieces to make your build one-of-a-kind. We don’t go for mass produced mentality!

Australian Made is Best

Keep Aussie jobs going by supporting locally made parts. And no one knows what you we need better than a local.

We’ve sniffed out some of Australia’s best manufacturers and parts suppliers so you can rest assured your build is best quality.

From Swan match grade barrels to MANAEL actions and accessories, we have you covered.

View some of our Aussie Made solutions online.


Imported Brands

Chasing a brand name stock or trigger? Not a worry. We have partners in USA and other parts of the globe. Including Timney Triggers, Masterpiece Arms, McMillan, Manners & Grayboe.

Many are listed on our webstore

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