Can I call into the gunsmithing workshop?
Yes, but please make an appointment so we can give you dedicated time and to ensure we keep within current Covid capacity restrictions.
We believe in doing our absolute best work for every customer. So to allow us quality time for you, both in the store and when your gear is on the workbench, we are open by appointment only.
This may mean sometimes we can’t get to your call straight away. Just know this is a sign of LOVE because we think quality is important. And we will get back to you!
 Want to discuss a new project? Awesome. Drop us an email and let’s set up a time to discuss it. And we can get it booked into the schedule.

What are your regular hours for appointments and communications?

Currently our regular office hours are Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 4pm (we are closed

Sometimes this varies a little depending on the week.

Do you have this product in stock?

Our webstore inventory is live and accurate 99.99% of the time. So if its showing up, we have it and can get it to you.

Not in stock? Not a problem. Use the “Notify Me” feature on the product listing and we can email you as soon as its in.

Or, drop us a line and we can allocate incoming stock to you.

Our webstore contains information about in-stock items and shipping costs:

How much is shipping? Can you ship internationally?

Our webstore has a nifty little shipping calculator for in-stock items and shipping costs. Most goods are a flat rate.
International shipping is possible for some products and countries. We can process international orders manually, so please email us for a quote.
Export and import costs may apply.
Online shipping calculator:

Can you fabricating custom parts?
Our team already fabricates a large range of rifle, shotgun and handgun parts and accessories.
Some of these are listed on our webstore, or email us with a design cue or photo and we will let you know what we can do!
Do you do Custom Rifle Builds?
Yes! Our gunsmiths go crazy for custom build projects. 
Let us know which rifle action you are starting with (if its a second hand one you’re building up) or if you want a completely new aftermarket action.
If you’re not sure where to start, we can help guide you through the process.
Reach out and let’s make an appointment time to start creating!

Can you Rebarrel my rifle?

You betcha! We rebarrel most brands of rifles. We generally recommend Swan Rifle Barrels as they are Aussie made, brilliant quality and a lead time of about 6 weeks for a custom order. But if you bring another brand….we will happily build it.

Lead Times / How long will my job take?

Once all parts arrive, most jobs take 2-4 weeks from the date of all parts arriving at our workshop.

Sometimes parts can cause big delays to starting a project. Especially if they are imported.

New gunsmithing bookings can sometimes be a few weeks in advance if its a busy season.

Best bet is get in touch and we can give a more accurate turnaround.

Permit To Acquire & Interstate Transfers of Rifles
If you’ve bought a gun interstate and want it sent to us to collect, just give the seller our details.

There will be a Dealer Transfer & Permit To Acquire Fee when it arrives at our end. 

When the firearm arrives, we will contact you. Together we can complete the PD316 form for SA Police. This can be done via phone and email. Then, we lodge it through the SAPOL electronic system.

You will usually have the processed form back and can collect the firearm within 1-4 days.
If its your first firearm in that category, there will be a 28 day holding period.

Contactless services

We can facilitate contactless services for Permit To Acquires, Interstate Transfers and collection of competed jobs.

Some jobs can be completed via post or transferring from another dealer.

contact us for details.

I want to send a gun interstate
The process is pretty easy. Make a time to come in to the workshop, bring the firearm and license, plus details of the new owner/gun shop its going to.

We can pack it, process it and get it there. Shipping & Transfer costs start from $75 for handgun and $105 for a longarm to most areas of Australia.

Online order – when will my item be ready?

Log into your account and under the order section, you can see if the order has been picked, packed, picked up by the courier and see tracking links.

Packing and shipping happens Tuesday to Friday (please note orders raised between Friday evening and Monday evening are packed/shipped on Tuesdays).

Delivery usually take 2 to 10 days.

Where’s my tracking number?

If technology is being our friend on the day, our webstore will email out tracking number for webstore orders as soon as the order is picked up by the courier.

But these things sometimes get lost in cyberspace!

You can log into your account to view tracking for an order or email us.

We do not provide tracking on firearm transfers for security reasons.

I don’t have instructions for my kit (Extension Kit,  Slick Spring Kit or FABA Kit)
These are usually emailed after your order ships.

Please check your spam folder first. If no luck, drop us a line and we can email them out again. 

Do I have to read this section of the FAQ?
No. But we are impressed at your dedication! As there is nothing more to see here, why not go outside for a walk, have a cuppa or head to the range for a bit. 
Speak soon!