Aussie Made Solutions: Warwick WFA1L and the Forward Assist Bolt Action (FABA) Kit

Last year Warwick Firearms Australia unveiled its newer, lighter bolt action rifle, the WFA1-L.  We teamed up with Warwick and MANAEL (firearms manufacturers in Adelaide, South Australia) to deliver a bolt-on solution and make the rifle even more comfortable.

Its called the FABA Kit (or Forward Assist Bolt Action), which creates an easy forward operation of the bolt action, with an ergonomic foregrip.

The kit does not change the rifle action mechanism. It started as a bolt action and even after install it remains a bolt action rifle (its not currently considered a pump action).  This handy little kit simply creates additional grip and handle points while using the bolt action.

Installation takes minutes (no gunsmithing required). Ignition Custom Engineering have released a six minute install video showing the process (which requires an allen key and a few minutes of your time). Check it out at the bottom of this write up.

And being a “bolt on” kit, the FABA doesn’t make any permanent modifications and be removed easily.

Originally the kit was designed for IPSC Rifle comps. The larger bolt handles were designed to maximise performance in competition.

After feedback from the hunting community, we are working on plans for a smaller bolt handle and a flush finish over the bolts for hunters wanting to keep the profile sleek and reduce snag points.

The kit includes ambidextrous handles for right-handed WFA1-L rifles. Its best to run both handles on both sides (however they can be run with just one handle on the left or the right). The handles can be removed alltogether (so long as both link bars stay attached).

Foreend handles and bolt handles are fabricated in Australia from durable yet lightweight aluminum to be hard wearing.

It is available with keymod or m-lok interface for accessories

Note this kit is compatible with the WFA1-L. Its not compatible with the older WFA1s. However, Ignition Custom Engineering can perform conversions and FABA installs on older WFA1 models at its workshop.

Each FABA kit includes:

  • Aluminium foregrip
  • all required link bars, spacers, screws and fasteners
  • Charging style knobs
  • Weight 555 grams
  • Designed and Made in Australia by MANAEL

Click here to view it online at our webstore.


Check out the install process here, performed by one of our gunsmiths