MPA Matrix Chassis delivers new, customisable experience

Late last year Masterpiece Arms released the newest in its line up of premium competition bolt action rifle chassis, called the Matrix Chassis.

The US based manufacturer touted it as a revolution in customisable rifle stocks with 100+ configuration options.

Its been turning heads at Shot Show USA this year. And this is why.


Get a grip

The Matrix Chassis has been designed to allow the user’s hand to move closer to the bore of the rifle.

Its also mixed up the grip options with 5 different grip shape and sizes (both straight and angled).

Based off user data, MPA collated the most popular grip styles according to hand size. So with a quick measurement and check of spreadsheet data you can find out which grip is going to get your hand in prime position.

Very handy (pun intended) for those with very small or overly large hands, or if you just don’t find normal grips all that comfortable. Each chassis includes two grips of your choice, so you can play with sizes and angles to find what works, or alternate grips between different users or even disciplines.

To further customise the grip experience, MPA offer three different thumb shelf styles to choose from.

Plus there are 4 trigger support pieces to further alter the feel of the chassis, all of which are included with the chassis.

There are more than 100 options you can create, by changing grips, thumb rests and trigger finger support configurations to create a set-up that suits you.

A New Rear End

The Matrix butt stock looks pretty different to what we’ve come to expect from MPA. It features the same adjustable length of pull and adjustable cheek.

Where previous models used more of a “skeletonized” approach, the Matrix features a solid block butt stock. This helps store a little extra weight in the rear.

As specialists and sponsors in PRS and practical/precision rifle, we’ve learned that this heavy backside works in your favor to create a better balance point on precision rifle rigs.

The bottom of the buttstock features a hook and tapers to a flat point so it nestles perfectly into a riding bag.


Easy to handle, quicker to move

The new stock design of the Matrix features a circular cut out just behind the grip area. Its purpose is to allowing for quick and secure grip of the rifle.

MPA said it minimises grip position movement and helps save time while moving the rifle through stages. Because its helps keep your hand closer to natural shooting position, it reduces time lost readjusting your grip position after moving the rifle between targets or barricades.


Get me one already!

The MPA Matrix is currently inlet to suit Remington 700 Short and Long Action rifles and clone aftermarket actions (such as MANAEL, Bat Machine HR & VR, Curtis Axiom, Curtis Vector, Curtis Helix, Defiance Deviant, Defiance Rebel, Defiance Elite, Stiller Tac series, Bighorn TL2, Bighorn TL3, Lonepeak Arms, Kelbly Atlas Tactical, Ga Precision Templar V2, GA precision Tempest, Impact 737R, Surgeon SA & LA (Except Surgeon XL))

Ignition Custom Engineering are distributors for the complete Masterpiece Arms range. Their products sell out quickly so custom orders are advised.

The lead time is about 5-7 months for custom orders. We offer lay buy installment options for all custom order Masterpiece Arms Chassis. Email us for a quote.




Other highlights of the chassis include:

  • Weight kits are available separately to tune and balance the rifle.
  • The foreend is 2″ longer than the Competition chassis model, to increase foreend weight for optoim barricade balance.
  • It includes mounting points and an arva-compatible dovetail which interfaces with the MPA line of RAT bases and accessories.
  • The Matrix Chassis is available with a standard night vision bridge and rail or the enhanced night vision bridge and rail.
  • 5 grip options (3 Swept and 2 Vertical) (2 of your choice are included with the chassis)
  • 3 thumb rest options (1 style of your choice is included with the chassis)
  • 4 trigger finger support options (4 styles included)
  • M-Lok slots along the sides of the chassis fore-end
  • Barricade Stop holes on the bottom of the fore-end
  • Additional 2″ of length to the fore-end (from our BA Chassis)
  • MPA RAT System – Rapid Adjustment Technology – 1.5″ Arca Rail Built into the chassis
  • Enhanced buttstock design with butt hook
  • Standard or Enhanced Night Vision Bridge
  • V-Bedding system (simple DIY rifle install)
  • MPA buttstock with adjustable cheek riser and length of pull
  • Multiple QD sling swivel locations
  • M-Lok Slots on Sides of Fore-end
  • Durable Cerakote finish in a variety of Colors
  • Adjustable length of pull 13.5-14.75″ (can be reduced to 12.5″ upon request. Additional fee may apply)
  • Recoil pad is adjustable for height and cant
  • Adjustable cheek riser
  • Inclinometer leveling system
  • Built in Bag Rider with Butthook
  • V4 Spigot Mount (Picatinny Rail and Dovetail Plate built in)
  • 2 Round Holder
  • Compatible with any AICS type magazines
  • Weight 6.4lb


Front night vision bridge available in the following configurations:

Option 1 = Standard night vision bridge with standard length rail
Option 2 = Enhanced night vision bridge with enhanced night vision bridge length rail (rail is same length as enhanced bridge)


There are 5 Different Grip Options. Two grips of your choice are included with each chassis (additional grips available for purchase separately).

  • Swept 1 (Small)
  • Swept 2 (Medium)
  • Swept 3 (Large)
  • Vertical 1 (Small)
  • Vertical 2 (Large).





There are 4 thumb rest options. One rest is included with the chassis (additional available for purchase seperately).

Your thumb rest preference will be confirmed once we recieve your order.

  • Thumb rest 2
  • Thumb rest 3
  • Gas Pedal






There are 4 types. All four are included with the chassis.



1. Measure your hand width and length

2. Compare your measurements to the spread sheets to see which grips/rests were most popular for your hand size.

Measurements are on the most left hand column.

The grip type is at the top of each row.

The numbers in the spreadsheet cells show how popular that size was for your hand size.