Aussie solution to increasing magazine capacity on AI Accurate Mags

South Aussie firearms manufacturer MANAEL has released its latest firearm accessory designed to increase capacity of short action centrefire magazines. Now in stock at Ignition Custom Engineering.

The +4 Magazine Base Extension Pad will add an extra four rounds capacity to AI style magazines, such as Accurate Mag.

Its compatible with Short Action calibre AI mags (with or without a blinder plate) such as 308, 6.5CM, 243, 22-250, 7mm-08, 260rem.

The pads can also be used on the 300WSM mags, giving two additional rounds to total capacity.

Australian made magazine extension base pads for centrefire by MANAEL

These goodies are Australian Made, designed and manufactured in Adelaide by MANAEL to give a few extra rounds in hunting or centrefire rifle competitions such as PRS, where a mag change can make or break a stage.

Each extension base pad is fabricated from aluminium, to provide a lightweight rugged solution that will hold up to whatever conditions thrown at it.

Channels along the base and sides provide ergonomic easy grip feature.

The magazine capacity extension base pads are kept in stock at our Adelaide gunsmithing workshop, ready to ship Australia wide.

How do they actually work?

The base pad attaches to the bottom of the magazine, replacing the factory magazine plate. It creates more room for the factory spring and follower to compress, allowing extra rounds to fit in.Its a simply DIY install. Here’s a quick install video from one of the Ignition Custom Engineering team.

Do not complete this install in the presence of a firearm or ammunition. Read instructions first and if you have questions or do not feel confident, contact us before attempting install.

  1. Knock the corner of the base plate, so it slides out of position. You only need a few mm of gap (enough to get a screwdriver in).
  2. Insert screw driver into the gap, use it to gently encourage the plate to move and slide along the magazine body until its removed. Keep an eye out for the magazine spring, which will uncoil quickly.
  3. Remove grub screw from MANAEL base pad and set aside.
  4. Compress magazine spring into mag body. Slide MANAEL base pad onto magazine body (the base pad has a channel for the magazine wall to fit into).
  5. When the MANAEL base pad is on all the way, install the grub screw and tighten with an allen key (not provided).
  6. Load and unload the magazine to capacity to ensure everything is running smoothly and assembled correctly.
  7. The MANAEL base pad will give an extra 4 rounds on most short action calibres, or 2 rounds on 300WSM).
  8. Ignition Custom Engineering recommends cycling a full capacity before live fire.
  9. Post your action shots to social media so we can see! #IgnitionCustomEngineering