Ignition Custom Winter Classic PRS Australia Done and dusted!

The 2019 Ignition Custom Winter Classic Precision Rifle Series Australia match is done and dusted for another year.

Yes, that pun was intended. Dust the biggest challenge of the day.

Buchan put on a majestic display of Victorian weather at its finest with crisp mornings warming into blue sunny skies and clear dry conditions (a far cry from last year, when afternoon temps on range dropped to 4 Celcius with heavy hail and rain downpours – it didn’t dampen our spirits, but that mud got into everything!).

Warm dry conditions this year meant an abundance of fine dry dust.  We had almost no wind disturbance at all, making conditions ideal for new and experienced shooters. Except for the *@#^! dust….

As gunsmiths of the PRS series we have seen how dust, dirt (and mud!) presents a challenge from a mechanical perspective. It works its way into everything. When it gets into the action and magazine It causes feeding issues. If you cant get the rounds out of the mag….you have nothing to shoot.

Buchan dust everywhere!SSAA Range rules state each hang fire (pull the trigger and it goes click but not boom), requires a 15 sec wait before opening the bolt/action to inspect.

Losing that time can force a time out and not completing a stage. When you’ve only got 60 second a stage, a hang fire is not ideal (that’s a bit more polite than the words used on the day).

Overall it was a high scoring competition. The victory wasn’t determined by who was clearing stages. It was about who was missing points due to failures or personal management mistakes.

This meant the pack was tight and made for a close and exciting competition.
The roof pitch posed a challenge for many competitors and tripods came into play several times. This was new PRS Australia and there was a clear lack of experience in tripods. Watch this space.

The “Titanic” platform made a return to PRS at Ignition Custom Winter Classic. It is a platform, suspended by 4 chains, that hovers and wobbles. Ever tried managing recoil off a suspended platform? Many shooters, however, clearly had been practicing and several really knew how to work the system to get maximum performance through body weight counterbalance.

“Run what you Brung” was another new surprise for us all. Pick your gear carefully, because shootershad to carry everything they needed for the stage  – while crawling under a very low hanging net.

Upon getting to the line, we had to engage the 250mm target at 363m with four rounds from the first position, transition to the second position for the following four rounds.

Finally, dragging everything over a barrel – without using the barrel as support – for the last two shots.

Oh, did we forget to mention it had a time limit of 120 seconds?

Courses of fire were prepared by match director Jake Simmons (pictured with Dave of sponsor Kahles Optics). A huge thanks to all your work, Jake. On behalf of all sponsors, we hope we left a mark on you as much as your work left on us. You are a legend!!

Thanks to SSAA East Gipsland – Buchan Rifle Range for allowing us use of their facilities. As always it was in great condition, picturesque and peaceful (except for the victorious cries of IMPACT!!)


To ALL Range Officers (ROs) on the day. Thanks for taking time to be the bones of this event. You put up with our nonsense (looking at you Sebastian from Canberra), kept us on track, on time and ensured a safe and successful day for everything.

Precision Rifle Series Australia, we appreciate the work you guys are doing to grow this exciting sport in Australia. Thanks again for taking us on as gunsmiths of the series and as match sponsor for this event. Ignition Custom Engineering is so proud to be working with you!

We’ve been involved since the grass roots of official precision and practical style comps in South Australia. Its such a privilege to have been part of the journey and see PRS grow to where it is today – attracting some of the highest calibre shooters (again, pun intended) from across Australia.

The Ignition Custom Winter Classic at Buchan is one of the favourite events of the PRS calendar. This year’s event sold out within 80 minutes of release.


A large portion of the field were new competitors, including plenty from QLD, among the South Aussies, NSW, Victoria and NT shooters. Great to have you guys on board and look forward to playing in your home ground at Battle of Biggenden later this month.
Thanks to other event sponsors: Ignition Custom Engineering, MANAEL, Delta Tactical, Burris Optics, Kahles Optics, Kestrel Au, Magnetospeed, Projectile Warehouse, STS Targets, Tikka/Beretta Australia

And of course PRS Australia series sponsor Vortex Optics!

Massive shout out to the Buchan Caves Hotel for outstanding service and the town in general for being so accommodating as 50 of us took over the town for the weekend!

Finally – huge appreciation post for everyone who participated in this event. We do it for you guys and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


And now for our competition winners! Top of the pack, first pick of the prize table and taking home an Ignition Custom Winter Classic 2019 trophy, manufactured by MANAEL in Adelaide SA.

Open place:
1: Ashley
2: Matthew
3: Jared
Congrats to Ashley who is going on to represent all us Aussies at Precision Rifle Series USA!

Production Top 2 places:
1: Andy
2: David


Search #IgnitionCustomWinterClassic on Instagram and Facebook for more photos. Or view below for more PRS related posts from ICEng.au

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