Timney Triggers Tikka T3 is here in Australia

Timney Triggers have released its latest model to its line of premium two-stage triggers, with Tikka T3 now joining the ranks alongside Remington 700 and Ruger Precision Rifle.

The USA trigger manufacturer teased Tikka fans with a few photos but little information until the official release in January to coincide with Shot Show USA 2018.

And now they are here in Australia and in stock at Ignition Custom Engineering.

The Tikka is the highest selling rifle in Australia currently.

We took it out for a play this week and we are impressed!  There is nothing wrong with the factory Tikka trigger and it can be tweaked to a reasonable standard. But the Timneys really take it to the next level.

The 2 stage pull is certainly an advantage for competition – once you learn your way around it, it can increase the reliability of trigger break and shot (which translates into faster and more consistent shooter performance). For hunting, with the correct trigger weight, you can pre-load the trigger without release, to make a safer shot while maintaining high accuracy and crisp trigger pull. Very light!

Timney’s Tikka trigger features a bright orange housing in homage to the Tikka orange logo.

Inside, the trigger is fully adjustable for sear engagement (creep), over travel (follow through) and both pull weight stages. It is factory calibrated for an 8-ounce to 1 -pound first stage pull.  The second stage pull is set to 1-pound to 2.5-pound second stage.

Timney states the trigger is compatible with all variants of the Tikka T3 with testing on numerous models. Installation is simple. It pretty much drops straight in and is ready to go.


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