Bradley Adjutable Cheek rest in Od Green Carbon Fibre on a Grayboe Renegade Outlander Stock in black

No modifications required: Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rests

Adjustable cheek rests on rifles are very handy to create a personalised sight/scope alignment. But not all rifle stocks have this feature and not everyone is happy to modify their stock to install an adjustable cheek rest.

The Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest is our latest addition to the webstore. Its a completely adjustable height unit that can be fitted to most stocks – and does not require any modifying of your stock. It takes moments to fit and can be removed just as quickly.

Each piece has heavy duty non-slip internal pad to create a secure and stable mount point. Its then secured with velcro straps which wrap around the butt stock.  Strap lengths can be adjusted to get the best fit on most stocks.

On the more neutral setting, it can be used as a one piece 3/8″ rise cheek rest, or it can be adjusted up to 1 1/2″ inch of comb height.

This is the removable cheek rest option recommended by Grayboe Stocks and McMillan Stocks (we are Australian distributors of both McMillan and Grayboe).

The overall weight of the Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest is 165 grams.


The cheek rests come in a variety of finishes including carbon fibre, kryptech and camo patterns.

For more visit our webstore or check out the Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest website..