SHS STP12 Straightpull Shotgun Magazine Extensions

The SHS STP 12 ga Shotgun is now available to Australian shooters, offering a straight-pull shotgun at an entry-level price. For shooters looking for more than the factory-five shot capacity, we have you covered.

We have magazine options which boost capacity by either two or five additional shots. Each kit includes a magazine extension piece (finished in Cerakote) which connects via an aftermarket magazine nut (the nut doesn’t include a sling, which is one less thing to get snagged on when hunting or in the field). Larger capacity kits also include a longer magazine spring.

Each kit is completed with a barrel clamp, which fixes the magazine in place and increases rigidity of the firearm for improved performance. You can choose either the Tactical Style clamp which includes a removable picatinny rail, or a more streamlined and lightweight Ultralite style clamp.

The kits are manufactured here in Adelaide at our fully licensed D class manufacturing gunsmith workshop and for peace of mind they are covered by a lifetime warranty.

For the SHS, we also offer other aftermarket extras such as Chokes and Speed Loader Kits. Visit our webstore for more or email us at

If you want to get your hands on the new SHS Shotgun, contact C & S Sporting Arms (and tell them we sent you!).

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