A complete kit of aftermarket parts to smooth out the cycling action of the Adler A110

Smoothing out Adler A110 cycling action (aftermarket parts kit upgrade)

Our Adler Action Slicking Kits are now ready for retail sale. We’ve been working with IPSC competitors for the past few months to test the various components under high pressure situations and (after a few tweaks) we’ve found a combination we are very happy with.

The kit includes all the parts needed to slick out the cycling action of the Adler, to make your hammer, firing pin, side gate, lifter gate and link bar roller nice and smooth. As a bonus, we’ve thrown in a free upgraded trigger spring.

Instructions provided with the kit to upgrade the cycling action

It is a DIY installl which requires disassembling the firearm, but we’ve got you covered with instructions that come with each kit (or our gunsmiths can perform the changeover at our Adelaide workshop – contact us for pricing).

Does it make much difference? Here’s a video and review sent in from a customer: