service the car, then service your rifle

If you have invested time and money into a custom quality firearm, you want to keep it in top notch. Just as you would service a vehicle, regular inspections and cleaning help keep firearms at peak safety and performance.

It is important to clean out debris from the firearm regularly so it doesn’t cause long-term damage. The process of dismantling, inspecting and cleaning can prevent rust and stock decay (plastic, polymer or wood). Once all the debris is cleared out, your rifle will feel smoother all round.

Here you can see an example of a Tikka T3 rifle that was in need of a good clean when it came to us.

Cleaning the trigger is important too – uncleared dirt and grime can destroy your sear, ruin trigger let off pressure and introduce creep. All of which impacts accuracy, ease of use and safety.  A trigger clean can be as good as a trigger job.

A good clean and inspection is best done after every hunting trip on shotguns and rifles. At a minimum, once a year.

For handguns, its best to perform a field strip and clean after every visit to the range.

If you have the skills and knowledge, it can be done at home. Or we can do it for you – all our Cerakote jobs involve a full strip and inspection.

What tools will you need? Apart from alan keys and screwdrivers, cotton-tips tips are essential! They are useful for catching dirt in the nooks and crannies without damaging any surfaces.

A rifle clean includes removing the barreled action for a visual inspection and wiping down all surfaces.

Shotguns can be cleaned by pulling the fore-end and barrel off and inspecting the action area for debris. But definitely leave trigger work on shotgun to professional.

Handguns can be field stripped; pay attention to wiping down the barrel slide and clean inside the feed ramp area with a cotton-tip.

To find out how we can help with keeping your firearm in peak performing condition, shoot an email to